Meet The Poster Guys

Matt is the original PosterGuy and founder of the Information Distribution Network, (the other name for the PosterGuys which sounds more impressive). He began putting up posters promoting his band The DADS in 1980 and then expanded to clubs, bars, restaurants, theaters, University events and eventually national customers. Matt’s job is to organize the different routes for the other Poster Guys. Matt has posted almost every campus in North Carolina and also  NYC,Washington DC, Princeton NJ, San Francisco, Montreal, Boston, and Florida from top to bottom. His favorite task is taking a bulletin board that is disorganized and cluttered with out-of-date flyers and making it neat and up-to-date. Some people think he is a fanatic but he just believes in an orderly universe. Matt is in charge of billing and design and is usually the guy you talk to on the phone. Matt is also the creator of Matt Barrett's Greece Travel Guides which was recently sold for 256 million euros so he does not really need to put up posters but he does anyway because it relaxes him.

Groves is the number two PosterGuy and has been with the company for about fifteen years Groves has done every campus and town at one time or another and has traveled all over the state doing posters and as far as Atlanta. Groves’s job is simple now. He picks up his posters on Wednesday and does Durham, beginning with the Bryan Center and West Campus and then going to East Campus, 9th Street, Broad Street and Brightleaf Square. On Thursday it is off to Raleigh, parking on Hillsborough Street and doing the NC State Campus then hitting the shops and restaurants that have bulletin boards. He then does the same downtown, and Glenwood Ave and a couple of the surrounding cool areas.  Some Raleigh clients leave their Posters at Nice Price Books for him to pick up, post and deliver the rest to the other posterguys for their routes which is more convenient than bringing them to Chapel Hill to be posted in Raleigh.

 Groves is one of the most popular musicians in the Triangle and plays drums and bass with several well-known bands. He also tends bar at the Cave. He still travels around the state for clients who want expanded coverage as part of the nationwide network of posterguys.

Lee is the Chapel Hill Poster Guy and walks more than anybody in town except maybe your mailman. It is his responsibility to pick up the posters from the box at 102 Old Pittsboro Rd in Carrboro on Saturday night and organize them for the downtown Chapel Hill kiosks which are usually empty when he arrives and almost full when he leaves. On the way home he stops at Weaver Street Market, Century Center, Carrboro Farmer's Market and a few other places in Chapel Hill and Carrboro. Then on Monday through Friday he does the UNC campus and the record stores, coffee shops and restaurants and cafes with bulletin boards on Franklin and Rosemary streets and all our Carrboro locations. Then because some people miss our Saturday deadline he goes back to the kiosks and posts the new flyers and makes sure the ones he put up on Sunday have not been covered. Lee also goes to North Carolina Central University and Durham Tech a couple times a month. Lee left the corporate world to become a Poster Guy five years ago and says he will never go back.

John is the new PosterGuy, though actually he is one of the old Posterguys hand-picked by Groves many years ago and trained to provide the outstanding service the company has a reputation for and….blah, blah, blah, etc. John left the Posterguys to pursue a career in education but found that he missed the sound of the staplegun and the exciting feeling of foraging for thumbtacks in buildings that don't allow staples. It was John who famously coined the saying that "A Posterguy should be able to live off the land." True to his word, unlike the other Posterguys who carry a supply of thumbtacks or pushpins or whatever you call them, John prefers to find them on his route and take them as he needs them. For that reason John has been given the UNC Hospital and Med School route which also includes South Campus, the Law School and some other choice spots. He also helps Groves at Duke and NC State. John has been chosen to do the new Greensboro Route, beginning in November 2013.

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