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The PosterguysAs any of our clients will tell you, the cheapest, fastest and most effective way to get your message out to the public is with posters and flyers. The best way to get them up and be assured that they stay up is by using us: The Information Distribution Network, aka "The PosterGuys". We will place your poster or flyer on Bulletin Boards in Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Durham, Pittsboro and Hillsborough and we are in touch with a nation of posterguys and can get your flyer posted on any college campus in America. We have over 40 years experience and know of hundreds of locations that we can choose from to get you the best response. We also return weekly to the same boards and keep them in order and make sure your posters have not been covered up and we replace them on the boards that get cleared weekly.

As of June 16th 2021 The Posterguys are working again.

We are now doing 100 posters in Chapel Hill for $50.

We can do 100 posters in Chapel Hill/Durham for $75.

We can also do 200 in Chapel Hill/Durham for $100

The drop-off location is 102 Old Pittsboro Rd in Carrboro and we need them by Saturday night because we start early Sunday morning. You can also leave them at Regulator Books on 9th Street in Durham where we pick up on Wednesday at noon.  If you want to mail them to us the address is below.

Musicians still pay half price! Artists and Poor People and charity groups with no money e-mail us about getting the musicians rate.

Please note we are no longer doing Raleigh. Sorry. Too far and not enough boards.

We are responsible, reliable, fast and efficient.
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The Information Distribution Network
The Poster Guys
102 Old Pittsboro Rd
Carrboro. NC. 27510

919 967 1245

Flyer distribution -advertising

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The Posterguys

The Posterguys

How to Pay Online:

You can use Paypal to pay us. You will still need to send or bring us the posters but this is one way of paying for it. Please let us know which posters you are paying for when you make the payment. If Paypal does not give you that option and it is not obvious from your e-mail address please send us an e-mail and let me know what you just paid for. If you can't master the pull down menu or figure out how to get the correct amount you can also pay at or at and let us know what you are paying for.


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